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Event Steward Information
Event Information
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Required Information Checklist Please ensure that your Event flyer includes:

Your event flyer must include the day and month. It must also include the year if the event will not be held during the Common Era year on the cover of The Mews.

When the site opens and closes.

You must also include the sponsoring group if it is not the same as the hosting group.

Name, street address and city of the site. Include the ZIP code.

Name (both SCA and modern) and full contact information of the event steward(s).

If there is a fee being charged for the event, the Registration Fee amounts must be included, an example of which is as follows:
Adult Event Registration: $20 / Adult Member Discount Registration: $15 / Youth (6-17): $5 / Child (5 and under): Free / Family Cap: $50 / $40 (with Adult Member Discount)
The statement “Make checks payable to SCA, Inc. — [the group’s name here]” must also be included.

If additional information is available on the event Web site and online event flyer, include the link address in your event flyer.
Electronic Signatures
I hereby certify that all required information is included in the flyer and all information is up to date and correct.

This form must have approval from the Event Steward (Autocrat).

This form must have approval from the Seneschal or Baronage.*

This form must have approval from the Seneschal or Baronage.
* This form is not complete without the signature of the branch seneschal.
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